1. Engineering consulting
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 19 November, 2012.

    Engineering consulting

    Price:  AU$80.00

    SIOI provides specialist engineering consulting in the following areas:

    * Algorithm development
    * Image processing
    * HW/SW co-solutions
    * RTL hardware design in Verilog and VHDL
    * DRAM controller design and optimisation
    * Xilinx FPGAs
    * Switch mode power supply design
    * Embedded C software
    * PCB layout
    * Patent protection and infringement searching

    For projects within our areas of expertise you will find our rates very competitive. If you are looking to develop a product that can be based on one of our existing products then we can offer you truly excellent value and exceptionally fast time to market.

    Our rates do vary according to the current utilisation of our engineering team - you may be able to negotiate a great deal if you catch us during a quiet month!

    Contact us today for a quote for your next project.