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    LM2727 DC-DC controller

    Price:  AU$0.92

    National semiconductor LM2727

    N-Channel FET Synchronous Buck Regulator Controller

    Input power from 2.2V to 16V
    Output voltage adjustable down to 0.6V
    Power Good flag, adjustable soft-start and output enable for easy power sequencing
    Output over-voltage and under-voltage latch-off
    Reference Accuracy: 1.5% (0˚C - 125˚C)
    Current limit without sense resistor
    Soft start
    Switching frequency from 50 kHz to 2 MHz
    TSSOP-14 package

    Cable Modems
    Set-Top Boxes/ Home Gateways
    DDR Core Power
    High-Efficiency Distributed Power
    Local Regulation of Core Power
    Datasheet Datasheet

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